Terre Spencer’s Writing and Design Studio
(with Basil and Jadey-Jade)


Two parrots, a MacBook Pro, about 1,200 books in bookcases, several dozen more stacked about, friends coming and going, a pot of soup, freshly made bread, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, The Allman Brothers or maybe an NPR broadcast playing, herbs on the balcony—such is my studio. Come on in.

Welcome, I was lost in my thoughts when I heard your knock. Come, sit down.

Would you like a cup of tea?

Yes? Cream and sugar?

Here, raspberry tea. Now tell me how you have been since we last talked…

~This online nook is a work in progress~

Svaagatam is Sanskrit for “Welcome.”

Both a marketing and literary editorial issue writer/subject matter expert with a Jungian background. An emphasis on compassion in this competitive culture with a profound understanding of emotions. Consistently provides a clear, cogent alternative narrative to group-thinking. Strong, engaged social media platform with a Klout score of 49.

Graphic/web design and project/process management.  

Subject matter expert on:

Traumatized spouses/partners of sex addicts/NPDs
   (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

Trauma survivors

Attachment disorders/traumas

  1. Interpersonal Relational Trauma

Attachment disorders/traumas

Jungian psychology

Domestic violence

Human trafficking

International slave labor practices/labor abuses

  1. ~Also, graphic design and project management~


Jadey-Jade (left) and
Basil (center & right)are
my beloved  parrots.

Basil is a male Red-sided Eclectus. He talks non-stop
and likes BBQ ribs.

Jadey-Jade is a green-cheeked conure. I decided that Jadey-Jade is a female although I have no proof of that. She likes being on my shoulder and bossing Basil around.

Please visit:

www.posarc.com for spouses of
sex addicts/NPDs

Hello, Svaatagam. . .